Happy Halloween! Part II

After resting, eating, a walk, and generally enjoying the afternoon, we decided it was time for our little one to finally decorate her first pumpkin.

I found some really cute stickers at Target for $1 per package, which ended up being a great find and a very easy way for a newborn to do a pumpkin. Happy first Halloween to my sweet little girl.

Happy Halloween!

I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The Wonder Woman costume is complete and Halloween pics were a success! Unfortunately when trying to put on her golden headband tiara, the little piece of elastic in the back broke and so she couldn’t wear it in the pics. Oh well, she looks completely adorable anyway!


The little one has yet to work on her first pumpkin but I think I’ll let her take a nap and rest up first. Listening to the Monster Mash with daddy really wore her out. Halloween is definitely more fun with a little one!

Ice Cream Social Dress

Since the Cheery Cherry Dress didn’t work out for three month milestone pictures, I decided to look for a simpler option that would be sure to fit. That’s when I came across the Ice Cream Social Dress on the blog, Craftiness Is Not Optional. I love that blog! I knew that the dress would be easy, cute, and sure to fit. I bought the blue fabric with the idea of making  a different dress, but since I’ve decided to opt for less fitted dresses for the time being, I thought that it would be fun to use for the Ice Cream Social Dress. The blue definitely brings out my little one’s eyes and is a nice change from so much pink. Although I am enjoying every second of the girly stuff, I do think it’s good to branch out into other colors  once in a while.

To go with her dress, I wanted to make some sort of a headband. I used the Box Fold Felt Flower tutorial on the blog icandy handmade. Because I didn’t have any decorative elastic, I just repurposed a headband that my little one had already worn, cutting off the bow and attaching the flower using a small safety pin.

Cherry Dress/Skirt

My little one just turned three months old, which I can hardly believe! For her milestone pictures, I decided to get crafty and make a cute outfit for her. While browsing mommy blogs, I came across two dresses that I liked and decided to combine elements of both. The first dress is called the Simple Raglan Dress from a guest post on the blog icandy handmade and the second is called the Vintage Heirloom Dress from the blog Craftiness Is Not Optional (My absolute favorite sewing blog!). I decided to use the Simple Raglan Dress with the pleated sleeve as the main form of the dress but added a lining to the bodice since I was using a mostly white fabric. I borrowed styling from the Vintage Heirloom Dress, using a similarly adorable fabric and the cute button embellishment on the bodice. I was so excited with the way it turned out!


It was definitely a challenge as it was my first attempt inserting an invisible zipper. I had to rip out the seams and try again, but when all was said and done, it looked pretty good for a first timer…at least I think so. I was a little bummed that the red accent fabric didn’t line up correctly in the back. Maybe I got a little overzealous with the embellishments for a novice sewer. Even with that little set back, I was very pleased, perhaps even a little smug that I had created such an adorable dress for my sweet little girl. With that being said, we all know what smugness and overconfidence lead to….

Once I had my little one try on the dress, it was apparent that the sizing had gone horribly wrong. That didn’t stop her from smiling away, though. I swear that she somehow knew I made something special just for her. After holding her in different positions and tugging and tucking fabric here and there to see if there was a way to fix it, I finally admitted to myself that it was a hopeless cause. With this experience, I am convinced that it is almost impossible to make fitted clothes fit correctly on a newborn baby. They are just too amorphous and blobby, especially for someone as inexperienced as I am at sewing.

After admitting defeat, I decided to salvage the bottom part of the dress and turn it into a skirt. I bought some red tulle to add extra cuteness, and in hindsight, I should have also bought some red ribbon for the bow, which would have looked a lot better than the white I had on hand. Although I sort of rushed through it and didn’t quite sew everything together in the optimal way, I think it looks great, and more importantly, it fit! And the cuteness factor was definitely brought to a whole new level with the cherry socks, a gift from my Aunt Pam.

99 Cent Patterns!

Today I went to Joann Fabrics with my little one to check out the pattern sale. I couldn’t believe that the McCall’s patterns were only 99 cents! I wasn’t sure what I’d find but I feel like I discovered a goldmine. The funny thing is that I’ve never looked for patterns before. I thought that they’d all be on racks along the wall. As I approached the patterns area, I realized that I was mistaken. Then I saw some ladies sitting at a table looking at these giant books and so I followed their lead.  First you have to find the pattern in a book and then get the ones you want from the humongous filing cabinets close by. After discovering the proper way to find a pattern, I looked quickly while juggling my daughter in one arm, bouncing her to keep her occupied, and finding patterns with the other arm. When all was said and done, I walked away with 10 patterns for a grand total of $10.82. The patterns were regularly priced between $11.95 and $18.95. I definitely count this shopping trip a success.

Hello world!

I never imagined myself the blogging type but here I go. I’ve decided to embark on a sewing and crafting adventure and this blog will serve as a journal of sorts to document all of my endeavors along the way. In July, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She is the inspiration for this blog as the projects I plan to create will be in large part for her. With a little girl, the possibilities are endless and I am so excited to get started making adorable things for her. At this point, I am definitely a novice sewer and crafter and will mainly attempt projects created by moms with amazing tutorials on their blogs as well as patterns I have accumulated. Perhaps when I get more experience and get the confidence, I’ll be able to make original designs. We shall see.

You might be wondering how I came up with the name Baby Bird Sewing. The name comes from my sweet little one who makes cute chirping sounds. My husband, Andrew, and I jokingly refer to her as our little baby bird when she does. And without further ado, welcome to Baby Bird Sewing.