99 Cent Patterns!

Today I went to Joann Fabrics with my little one to check out the pattern sale. I couldn’t believe that the McCall’s patterns were only 99 cents! I wasn’t sure what I’d find but I feel like I discovered a goldmine. The funny thing is that I’ve never looked for patterns before. I thought that they’d all be on racks along the wall. As I approached the patterns area, I realized that I was mistaken. Then I saw some ladies sitting at a table looking at these giant books and so I followed their lead.  First you have to find the pattern in a book and then get the ones you want from the humongous filing cabinets close by. After discovering the proper way to find a pattern, I looked quickly while juggling my daughter in one arm, bouncing her to keep her occupied, and finding patterns with the other arm. When all was said and done, I walked away with 10 patterns for a grand total of $10.82. The patterns were regularly priced between $11.95 and $18.95. I definitely count this shopping trip a success.

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