Ice Cream Social Dress

Since the Cheery Cherry Dress didn’t work out for three month milestone pictures, I decided to look for a simpler option that would be sure to fit. That’s when I came across the Ice Cream Social Dress on the blog, Craftiness Is Not Optional. I love that blog! I knew that the dress would be easy, cute, and sure to fit. I bought the blue fabric with the idea of making  a different dress, but since I’ve decided to opt for less fitted dresses for the time being, I thought that it would be fun to use for the Ice Cream Social Dress. The blue definitely brings out my little one’s eyes and is a nice change from so much pink. Although I am enjoying every second of the girly stuff, I do think it’s good to branch out into other colors  once in a while.

To go with her dress, I wanted to make some sort of a headband. I used the Box Fold Felt Flower tutorial on the blog icandy handmade. Because I didn’t have any decorative elastic, I just repurposed a headband that my little one had already worn, cutting off the bow and attaching the flower using a small safety pin.

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