Peasant Top & Denim Skirt

I found quite a few mommy blogs that have tutorials on peasant tops. They seemed easy and super cute so I decided to give it a try. I used the 3-6 month pattern and sewing directions from the site To add embellishment to my peasant top, I used styling inspiration from the ruffley peasant top collar tutorial on the blog Craftiness Is Not Optional.

After getting everything sewn together, the only thing left was to insert the elastic. Before closing the elastic casings, though, I wanted to be sure that everything fit right. When I tried it on my little one, I had to laugh. As much as the ruffle looked really cute when the shirt was on a hanger, it definitely gave me clown vibes. Maybe it was the red?

Since I wasn’t really loving the clown look, I decided to get rid of the ruffle and do a simple bias tape edge like the sleeves and bottom of the peasant top, which looked much better.

To go with the top, I decided to make a little jean skirt with contrast stitching and a sash tied in a bow. And this is the finished product!


Flannel Bibs

Recently the little one has started to drool, and not just a little bit, but A LOT! It’s as if a drool faucet has been turned on. She can soak the front of her clothes in a matter of minutes. So, I decided to put my new sewing skills to work making her a bunch of much needed bibs and telling you all about it.

Making a bib is pretty simple really. I used my McCall’s M6223 bib pattern, but tracing any old bib to make a pattern works. First, I folded my flannel in half, making sure that my directional patterned fabrics were facing correctly and that the pattern was centered on the fabric the way I wanted. Then, I pinned the pattern to the fabric and cut out two bib pieces. I wanted a less rounded bottom to the bibs than the pattern, so I made more of a straight cut at the bottom and then rounded the edges. After that, I pinned the fabric right sides together and stitched around the bib, making sure to leave a small part open for turning. I turned the fabric right side out, pressed, and then folded under the little bit of unsewn hem where I left an opening, ironed the hem in place, and sewed with about a 1/8″ seam allowance around the bib to finish. That’s it!!

Adding embellishments was fun. It was the first time that I used the applique setting on my sewing machine. I decided to keep it relatively simple with the applique, sticking with a small heart and a block shaped H. My favorite embellishment is the felt flower with the button. I love the bright pink and I think it looks so cute with the flowered fabric!