Nursing Covers

Usually nursing and pumping are not a problem for mom’s at home, especially if you have only one little one, but when you go out into public, when you have visitors in your home, or when you visit someone else’s home, a nursing cover is definitely a good idea. Since my husband and I are traveling to see his parents for the holidays, I thought it would be the perfect time to use a wonderful nursing cover tutorial that I found on the blog, made by the mama monster.

Since I’m a fan of black and white–it matches everything and could work for both a boy or a girl–I went with a white with black vine print fabric for the main part of the nursing cover. For the straps, I used a black with white swirling dots fabric. I think it turned out really well. The only thing that I’m not so crazy about is that the straps seem a little limp. I wish that I would have used interfacing to give the fabric a little more form. It didn’t say to do this in the tutorial and I didn’t think to do so until I was done. I could redo the straps…we’ll see if I can find the motivation to rip a bunch of seams and resew the entire top of the nursing cover….somehow I just don’t see it happening ; )

I made a second nursing cover for my friend, Charlene, who recently had a baby girl. I decided to use a brown with white dotted floral print fabric. Like black and white, brown matches most things and could work for a boy or a girl. I couldn’t find a coordinating fabric I liked enough to use for the straps so I just used the same fabric for both the main body and the straps. I really like how it turned out! Also, I used interfacing for the straps on this one. Much better!

*Please excuse the shadows and strange lighting in the pics. The lighting in our apartment is florescent and since my blog pics are usually taken in the middle of the night when the little one is fast asleep and I have time to sew, there is no natural light : (

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  1. jim says:

    i can see they should work just fine

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