Christmas Memories Preserved in Clay

Andrew and I have been thinking that we need to get a baby’s first ornament. I looked at a couple of stores but wasn’t wowed by anything, especially for the prices. I just can’t justify spending $20 or more on an ornament! When browsing on Amazon, I came across some DIY kits to make an ornament with a baby handprint. Since I’m an aspiring crafty mom, I figured I could make the same thing with some Crayola Air-Dry Clay for less.

It was a little more complicated than I thought it would be, but with Andrew’s help, we were able to get a hand and a foot! The clay was much tougher than I thought it would be, so water to soften the clay and a lot of baby manhandling were necessary. I had to really squish her hand and then later her foot into the clay. She was a good sport! I also had to make the slabs of clay much thicker than I thought, so I guess the ornament thing is out the window.

The fun thing about this whole endeavor was that today marks her 5 month birthday and so it’s kind of sweet to have Christmas mementos on this mini milestone day.

In other exciting little one news, today she pulled herself up for the first time. I was holding her hands while she was in a sitting position and she spontaneously pulled herself up. And then she did it a bunch more times. What a special day!

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