Emma Dress, 6 Month Pictures, & the Runaway Headband

This past week I participated in the Emma Dress sew-along, my very first, on the Craftiness Is Not Optional blog. It was so much fun and this is the result. Although I usually gravitate toward pastel colors, I decided to go out on a limb with this bold floral pattern on a charcoal gray background. I think the little one looks super cute in it, even though it is definitely out of my color scheme comfort zone.

This project was a fun challenge. I learned so many new skills and really surprised myself with all of the things I was able to do. First off, I didn’t use a store bought pattern or a free pattern from a blog. I didn’t even modify an existing pattern. I made my very own pattern…and it worked!!! It is such a great feeling and now I feel confident enough to maybe try to make some original creations. Maybe….

Another new thing, sewing with ric-rac. Luckily it was not the nightmare I imagined it to be. I am proud to say that I never had to rip a single seam related to the ric-rac! I thought it was going to be really challenging and thought that I might have to scrap the ric-rac altogether if it got too complicated, but to my surprise, it was a total success. Yet another skill to add to my sewing arsenal : ) And one more adorable pic of my cutie pie in her new dress. (She’s looking rather mischievous in this one.) I can’t believe that she turned six months old on Sunday. How the time flies.

The real debacle in this whole sew-along and six month pictures business was not the pattern making or the ric-rac as one would imagine. It was the runway headband.

So, I made a headband for the little one. I put it in the front pocket of the diaper bag when I was hurrying out the door to get her pics taken. When I got to the studio, the headband was nowhere to be found. I went back to the car to look for it. Nowhere. I was so annoyed because a headband is a must, both for the cuteness factor and also because she doesn’t have much hair on top. I called my husband and he found it in the hallway outside our apartment.

Thankfully I mentioned the runaway headband to the lady at the studio. She told me not to worry and pulled out a whole box of different styles and colors of headbands! Photographer to the rescue! There was a bright pink bow that matched the dress. Crisis averted.

 Even though the flower headband didn’t make it into the 6 month pictures, I suppose it deserves an honorable mention.

Happy six month birthday to my sweet little girl.

Gingercake Patterns & Design: Crayon Art Folio Part II

After some procrastination, I finally finished the remaining two Crayon Art Folios on my to-do list for the kiddos in my Bible study. The funky flower folio was the for the oldest girl and the dinosaurs were for the only boy. It was kind of fun to make something for a boy. As much as I love the girly stuff, it’s always nice to branch out.

I thought it would be fun to dress up the folios for the girls with some extra details. For the younger sister, girly bows (see previous post), for the older sister, some ric-rac to go with her funky flowers.

I love the dinos, especially with the blue polk-a-dot accent fabric.

All wrapped up to give to the unsuspecting birthday kiddos.

Gingercake Patterns & Design: Crayon Art Folio, Part I


Since I’ve been perusing the various mommy sewing blogs, I’ve come across so many great ideas, not only for clothes but also for toys, activities, and other children’s accessories. And lately I’ve had a hankering for making something other than clothes, although adorable baby dresses are definitely a lot of fun to make.

When I first saw the pattern for the Crayon Art Folio on the Gingercake Patterns & Design etsy site, I really wanted to give the project a try. I thought that it would make a perfect gift for the children of a couple that I’m friends with at my church. All three children celebrate January birthdays. (It will also be a lot of fun to make some of these for my little one once she’s old enough!)

The first Crayon Art Folio of the three I plan to make is for the younger of the two girls. She’s a girly girl and I think that this adorable cherry fabric suits her. For extra girliness, I added the red bows at the base of the handles on both sides of the folio. Such a cute detail! It’s amazing how the smallest embellishments can really complete a project.

What I really love about this project is that it’s not only adorable, but so functional. It holds at least 6 crayons on the one side and has a pocket for paper on the other side. With the velcro closure and handles for easy carry, what a perfect on-the-go activity for young kids! I’m trying to think of other ways to remix the pattern. Older kids especially would probably prefer a folio that was big enough to hold makers or colored pencils. Hmmm…the possibilities are endless : )