Gingercake Patterns & Design: Crayon Art Folio, Part I


Since I’ve been perusing the various mommy sewing blogs, I’ve come across so many great ideas, not only for clothes but also for toys, activities, and other children’s accessories. And lately I’ve had a hankering for making something other than clothes, although adorable baby dresses are definitely a lot of fun to make.

When I first saw the pattern for the Crayon Art Folio on the Gingercake Patterns & Design etsy site, I really wanted to give the project a try. I thought that it would make a perfect gift for the children of a couple that I’m friends with at my church. All three children celebrate January birthdays. (It will also be a lot of fun to make some of these for my little one once she’s old enough!)

The first Crayon Art Folio of the three I plan to make is for the younger of the two girls. She’s a girly girl and I think that this adorable cherry fabric suits her. For extra girliness, I added the red bows at the base of the handles on both sides of the folio. Such a cute detail! It’s amazing how the smallest embellishments can really complete a project.

What I really love about this project is that it’s not only adorable, but so functional. It holds at least 6 crayons on the one side and has a pocket for paper on the other side. With the velcro closure and handles for easy carry, what a perfect on-the-go activity for young kids! I’m trying to think of other ways to remix the pattern. Older kids especially would probably prefer a folio that was big enough to hold makers or colored pencils. Hmmm…the possibilities are endless : )

One Comment on “Gingercake Patterns & Design: Crayon Art Folio, Part I”

  1. Debra Dustan says:

    Wow! That is so adorable, and practical as well!

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