Gingercake Patterns & Design: Crayon Art Folio Part II

After some procrastination, I finally finished the remaining two Crayon Art Folios on my to-do list for the kiddos in my Bible study. The funky flower folio was the for the oldest girl and the dinosaurs were for the only boy. It was kind of fun to make something for a boy. As much as I love the girly stuff, it’s always nice to branch out.

I thought it would be fun to dress up the folios for the girls with some extra details. For the younger sister, girly bows (see previous post), for the older sister, some ric-rac to go with her funky flowers.

I love the dinos, especially with the blue polk-a-dot accent fabric.

All wrapped up to give to the unsuspecting birthday kiddos.

3 Comments on “Gingercake Patterns & Design: Crayon Art Folio Part II”

  1. Debra Dustan says:

    How fun to see the project made with the 3 different fabrics! I bet the recipients will be happy to receive such a fun and practical gift!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks again for making these for the kids, Tiffany. So sweet of you to think of them!

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