My Very Own Sewing Table!

My poor husband has been putting up with all of my sewing stuff all over our kitchen table for the past few months that I’ve been sewing. It was such a pain to get the sewing machine and everything else out of the hallway closet, then set it up, then put it away, and then get it out again the next day, so I just started leaving my stuff spread out all over, which definitely made eating dinner at the table tricky. I’d been thinking that I should get my own space for sewing for some time, but since we live in a one bedroom apartment there’s not a lot of extra space. After much deliberation, I finally found a small and inexpensive desk at Ikea and set up shop.

Even though it’s a little crowded, I am overjoyed to have my very own sewing table. I still have things stored in the closet but at least the sewing machine finally has a home and does not need to compete with family meals. It was also a hazard. To plug it in, the cord had to stretch from the table across the kitchen and I swear I almost tripped over it a gazillion times. Thankfully those days are behind us.

Since I didn’t have any small storage containers for things like elastic, buttons, and thread, I poached some food storage containers from the kitchen. So far, they do the trick. I also scavenged a small salsa jar out of the recycling to use for scissors storage. Hey, it works.

Now it’s time to get to work. I have so many things lined up for the little one. I just love making things for her!

One Comment on “My Very Own Sewing Table!”

  1. Debra Dustan says:

    Looks like you are all set! 🙂

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