Thanks Aunt Pam!

About a week and a half ago I got an amazing package in the mail from my husband’s Aunt Pam. She told me that a package was coming and I thought she was probably sending a small gift for the little one. It ended up being a huge stash of fabric!

Girly fabric…



Various children’s prints…

Aunt Pam is a quilting extraordinaire and made the most beautiful quilt for my sweet girl when she was first born. Many of the pictures I have taken for the blog have this quilt in the background somewhere. We definitely use it a lot and will always cherish it as a special gift. This is the little one with her quilt right after we received it in the mail. Adorable, both baby and quilt!

Most of the fabric that Aunt Pam sent seems like it is more for projects other than clothes, which is actually really great because I’ve been wanting to try my hand at some things other than skirts, dresses, and headbands. I really want to make a quilt at some point. Maybe I can start out with a little dolly quilt when she  gets her first doll. I’m not sure when that will be but I hope sometime soon! I have a few other ideas in the works too. Stay tuned!

2 Comments on “Thanks Aunt Pam!”

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  2. […] projects are these adorable tiered skirts for two little girls at my church. I used some of my Aunt Pam fabric that seemed perfect for some matchy matchy sister […]

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