Crib Rail Teething Guard

*For tutorial, see this post.

Now that the little one can easily pull herself up in her crib, she has developed an appetite for crib rails. She loves to gum them. So far I haven’t spotted any tooth buds, but it’s only a matter of time until she has teeth and starts taking chunks out of her crib. You should see the pics on google images of what kids can do!!! This inspired me to make a crib rail teething guard.

A couple of months ago, I bought a light blue fleece blanket from Ikea for $2.49 and tucked it away for a future project. Since it matched the blue accents in Hannah’s crib set, I used it to make a teething guard for the side crib rail. It was super easy, didn’t take very long, and used very little fabric. A good combo if you ask me! I will probably make a teething guard for the front rail too. We’ll see how the side one works first. Happy chomping, little one!

2 Comments on “Crib Rail Teething Guard”

  1. Now this is bizarre ~ (the coincidence that is, not your teething guard!). I have just put my baby to bed, and noticed he’s actually taken a bite out of the cot and I thought I should do something about it so he doesn’t do it again – and then came down to read through some of the lovely WordPress sewing blogs and came across this!
    Will be stealing the idea pronto (if that’s okay with you!)

    • Tiffany says:

      I hope that it works out! So far so good with my little sweetie. Now I have to make another one for the front rail. Perhaps I should get on that so that I can post a tutorial.

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