Easter Bargains…continued

I have been a busy lady this week! It sort of feels like I’ve been sucked up into an Easter sewing whirlwind. After I finish up a few details, I will have Hannah’s Easter dress and a little something I made for myself to share with you all. It’s a relief to have made such a sizable dent in my Easter projects list!

For now, I have a follow up on the Easter bargains I found at Joann’s this past weekend. For starters, I made some Easter jammie pants out of the cute bunny flannel. I slightly altered my pattern from the other jammie pants I made so that the legs were a little less wide and the crotch was a little more rounded for a better fit. I can’t wait for her to wear them!

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to incorporate the ribbon into Hannah’s Easter “basket.” (She’s actually not going to get a basket. Because she’s cruising all over the place and is eager to explore, I picked up a wagon walker from Ikea—among other things, I sort of went a little crazy—and I’m going to use the wagon as her basket.) I used this tutorial to make a poofy bow out of the rabbit ribbon. I’m going to put the bow on the handle of the walker.

I used the Easter egg ribbon to tie a set of Beatrix Potter board books together. I’m excited for Hannah to have them because they were mine when I was a little girl. It’s so fun to pass down little treasures like these to my sweet girl.

I haven’t gotten to the carrot ribbon (my favorite!) yet. I plan to make some sort of a bow for the rabbit stuffed animal that I also picked up at Ikea. When I get everything all put together, I will share how it all turned out. I hope that Hannah loves her first visit from the Easter bunny.

4 Comments on “Easter Bargains…continued”

  1. amysworlds says:

    I’m sure she’ll love it!
    She might not appreciate the books in that they were yours and you’re giving them to her at first, but i’m sure she’ll love them even more for it when she’s older. Plus a nice bit of beatrix Potter never went amiss 🙂

    My Easter plan is to desperatly try and finish this butterfly cross stitch!

  2. djdustan says:

    Hannah is blessed to have such a talented mommy! The jammies are adorable and I’m sure the bow will look great on her new wagon walker!

    • Tiffany says:

      Thanks! I can’t wait until Hannah tries out her new wagon walker. I’m dying to watch her play with her new toys. I definitely went overboard but I’m telling myself that she’s too young to get spoiled. Besides, since she’s the first baby, there’s no harm in getting a bunch of toys that will hopefully last for little ones to come…or at least that’s another excuse I’ve come up with to justify my Easter splurge.

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