A couple of weeks ago I was in Seattle visiting family and scored a bunch of awesome finds at local thrift stores. I’m relatively new to this whole thrifting thing but since so many moms blog about their amazing finds I’ve decided to give it a try.

These vintage patterns were among my finds. At Goodwill the patterns seemed to come in bundles. So even if there is only one pattern you really want, you have to buy the whole bundle and sort through to find the keepers and the ones to pass onto friends, family, or re-donate. These are the keepers. I’m not sure that I’ll necessarily make all of them, especially the adult ones, but why not have them on hand just in case. I think I paid a total of $4 for these and about five or so more that I weeded out.

Books! Since Hannah LOVES to look at books and LOVES to be read to, I scoured the enormous children’s section of Goodwill trying to find some goodies. Each of these books were in pretty good condition and only 79 cents apiece! I was especially excited to find the Sandra Boynton books. Those are definitely a hit in our house.

I also found a bunch of amazing deals on baby clothes. Since babies grow so fast, there’s no point in buying things full price. I always look for good deals on the Target clearance racks and have found some really good finds for less than $3, but these deals were even better! I found this coat at Value Village for $1.99. It looks and feels like it’s never been worn and is size 18 months so it’ll be perfect for a light fall/early winter coat.

This adorable sweatshirt was a steal at $1 from Living Wisely Thrift and Consignment Store.

These jeans were also $1 from the same store.

It’s a good thing that I didn’t get more things because I had to fit everything in my bags on the way back and it was a tight sqeeze!

Gracie Romper

While perusing sewing patterns on Etsy, I came across the Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. There are so many adorable patterns to choose from–dresses, skirts, rompers, hats, shoes, swimsuits….you name it! But as soon as I saw the Gracie Romper, I knew I absolutely had to have it. Especially since it was only $6.50 for eleven sizes! A real bargain if you ask me.

I made the twelve month size for Hannah who is just over nine months. It seems to fit really well and it came together fairly easily.

I’m definitely going to crank out a few more of these rompers. They are so much more practical than dresses and skirts at this point since Hannah is still crawling. Although she can crawl on hands and knees, she prefers to scoot with one leg and craw with the other, sort of a scoot/crawl hybrid. When wearing dresses and skirts she get all tangled up and frustrated. So I’m thinking this will be a summer of rompers.

PS: Keeping the headband on is a challenge these days. I’m sure you noticed her trying to yank it off in the pictures above. She loves to chew everything, but especially her headband. Sheesh!

9 Month Pictures

Hannah turned nine months old a little over one week ago. My birthday and her nine month birthday were actually on the same day. It was a lot fun to celebrate together. I took her to get her milestone pictures the next day and I think we got some good shots.

She wore her tiered Easter dress and I made her a matching headband. The headband was a cinch! No sewing, I just glue gunned a little grosgrain ribbon bow to a plain headband to match to the one on the bodice of her dress.

The headband I bought from Target around Christmas time. They came in packs of three—one white, one red, one green—for one dollar! The next time I see headbands for one dollar, I’m going to buy like a bazillion.

Although Hannah wasn’t really in a smiling mood, I think her serious expressions are cute too. This picture is the only smile we got. I guess that is what happens when pictures get a late start and end up during nap time.

I love this one. She looks so elegant and the dress is fanned out so beautifully. When I was sewing this dress, I started to think that maybe I had gone a little overboard with the ruffles and that it was too floofy. In the end, I think the floofiness looks great and the extra fabric allows the skirt to fan out like a circle skirt, which is ideal for pictures.

This close up was on of the last pictures that we got until…

The meltdown picture! By this time a nap was long overdue and Hannah decided that pictures were definitely done. This one is so cute, though, I was seriously tempted to order one!