Gracie Romper

While perusing sewing patterns on Etsy, I came across the Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. There are so many adorable patterns to choose from–dresses, skirts, rompers, hats, shoes, swimsuits….you name it! But as soon as I saw the Gracie Romper, I knew I absolutely had to have it. Especially since it was only $6.50 for eleven sizes! A real bargain if you ask me.

I made the twelve month size for Hannah who is just over nine months. It seems to fit really well and it came together fairly easily.

I’m definitely going to crank out a few more of these rompers. They are so much more practical than dresses and skirts at this point since Hannah is still crawling. Although she can crawl on hands and knees, she prefers to scoot with one leg and craw with the other, sort of a scoot/crawl hybrid. When wearing dresses and skirts she get all tangled up and frustrated. So I’m thinking this will be a summer of rompers.

PS: Keeping the headband on is a challenge these days. I’m sure you noticed her trying to yank it off in the pictures above. She loves to chew everything, but especially her headband. Sheesh!

4 Comments on “Gracie Romper”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think the romper looks adorable and very comfortable!

  2. This is cute! And my daughter does the exact same crawl/scoot hybrid – and she’s almost 18 months! Now you have me wanting to go and purchase the pattern. I’m on a no buy until I crank out at least THREE of the patterns that I purchased over the last three months. >ashamed<

    • Tiffany says:

      Sounds like a good policy. I have been buying and printing patterns like crazy over the past few months. I can’t seem to help myself! But I think I’m going to join you in your no buy resolution until I can crank out a few I already have.

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