Happy First Birthday, Sweet Hannah

It’s been such a whirlwind celebrating Hannah’s first birthday. So much fun, so much work, but most importantly, so many memories. I loved a post I saw on the blog, The Cottage Home, which was a sort of tribute to her daughter on her daughter’s birthday. She wrote 20 things that she wanted to remember about her little girl on her special day. So here is my tribute to my sweet Hannah…a few days late (her birthday was Sunday, July 22nd).

1. You love baby dolls. You hug them and kiss them and offer them to mommy and daddy to hug and kiss also.

2. You always have a serious expression and analyze everything you see whenever we are out and about.

3. You love to walk or run everywhere and anywhere all day long!

4. You love to wave. The other day on the way home from the library, you waved to all of the cars passing by and many people smiled and waved back at you. At one point, you even waved enthusiastically with both hands.

5. You like to come up to mommy and daddy and give a hug just because.

6. Some of your favorite foods are chicken, spaghetti, avocado, and raspberries.

7. You love to play on the playground, especially with the metal steering wheel.

8. Books are one of your very favorite activities.  All day long you peruse the books in your bookcase, dumping most of them onto the floor in the process. You will sit quietly and flip through books or you’ll eagerly run up to me with a book you want me to read to you. We read your Bible and at least 3 stories every night before bed.

9. You run to the computer every time you hear the skype ringtone. And you also come running anytime mommy’s phone rings. You cry if mommy doesn’t hold you and let you listen to and/or participate in the conversation.

10. You understand basic commands like wave, clap, high 5, kiss, and come to mommy.

11. You are starting to test your boundaries. When you sit in the little rocking chair that used to be mommy’s, sometimes you like to stand up just to see what mommy will do.

12. You like to look at pictures of babies. Every time mommy shows you pictures of yourself you smile, and now sometimes you wave.

13. You like to watch mommy blow soap bubbles.

14. You’ve figured out how to use your walker wagon like a scooter and you love to scoot around the living room.

15. You usually enjoy picking out fabric with mommy. You like to feel the different textures and study the different colors and prints.

16. You like to peruse the sale racks at Target. Recently a woman saw you looking through clothes on a bottom rack and exclaimed, “She’s shopping!”

17. You like to cuddle your little lamb lovie when you go to sleep at night.

18. You love to get into the cupboards and empty them competely, especially the bread cupboard. Mommy and daddy are always finding a loaf of bread or a bag of hamburger buns in random places.

19. Baths are one of your most favorite things to do. You especially love your bath toys–a rubber ducky, a fish cup, and an Ernie bath book.

20. When you are done eating, you love to swipe your hands across your high chair tray so that all of the food goes flying off in every direction. And if mommy forgets to take the sippy cup, you love to shake it all around and sprinkle the whole area with water and then hold it upside down and empty the rest of the water all over your tray.

This is my sweet little Hannah at one year old. I can’t believe how different and yet how the same she is from the day she was born. What a blessing this little girl has been to my life. Happy first birthday, Hannah.

One Comment on “Happy First Birthday, Sweet Hannah”

  1. grandpa jim says:

    you did a lot of the same things hannah does
    just5 like mommy
    they are a joy in your life
    she will all ways be your little hannah even when she is 30 years old
    hahahaha thats life

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