Sally Dress



I sewed this up and photographed it awhile ago, but here it is finally on the blog after many months…This is the Sally Dress by Very Shannon. I LOVE this pattern! Over the past year or so that I’ve had it, I think I’ve sewn up three. I love that there are no closures and the huge, adorable, kid-friendly pockets are the best. I added the ribbon around the base of the bodice on this Sally dress to break up the stripes and to give it a more girly detail.


This one I sewed up for Hannah for St. Patrick’s Day with some fabric sent by my husband’s Aunt Pam, who so kindly sends me large packages filled with fabric that she no longer has use for. Makes my day, or really more like my week or even month, when I get one of those surprises in the mail!


The matching doll dress I made using leftover scraps. I used this tutorial and pattern from the blog Chickadee Jess. It fit Abby, Hannah’s Bitty Baby, perfectly!I changed things up a bit to make it look more like the Sally Dress. I opted for a lined bodice since I wasn’t doing a collar or sleeves and I also added pockets to the skirt. I really wish the skirt was fuller but I was working with scraps…


Hannah is not much of a doll girl, but she was really excited when I surprised her with a matching doll dress. I always loved it when my mom made matching sets of pajamas for my cabbage patch doll and me when I was little. Nothing better than matching your favorite doll!

It’s been awhile…


Over the past year or so we have had a lot of changes in our household, all of which have been wonderful. I have adjusted nicely to life as a mom of two.


The last time I posted, Katie was only about 4 months old. Now she’s 18 months!


Hannah turned 3 in July and has become a full fledged preschooler, although she disagrees and insists that she will be a toddler forever…


And a really big difference is that we moved. Not just a little move, but an across the country with two toddlers kind of move. It was a little overwhelming but we did it and survived. Goodbye Bay Area, hello Nashville! We love it here. The best part is that we are happily living in our first home and are no longer in an apartment. And with that extra space comes a sewing room! So far I haven’t sewn anything since we’ve been here. I need to buy some tables and get everything all set up the way I want. I’ve been so overwhelmed with getting us unpacked and settled and painting and ordering furniture, that honestly, I haven’t had time to think about sewing, except that Halloween is just around the corner and I have two princess dresses to get started on…

Hopefully now I can get back to my blog and get some regular posts going. Even though I was definitely sewing and making things for the girls over this past year or so, I just never had the time or energy to document it. Here’s to hoping for better follow through in the weeks and months to come.