Burp Cloths for Baby Sis

We’re having another girl! I’m so excited to go further overboard with the pink and the frilly. Hannah has barely anything that isn’t entirely pink or where pink is not a prominent color. At least my husband adjusted quickly and jumped on the girly bandwagon right away with Hannah. Now he’s really starting to get outnumbered! The funny thing is, he’s the youngest of three boys. He’s a quick learner, though, and a wonderful dad for daughters.

Now that we know what we’re having, I’ve caught the sewing bug! I can’t stop pinning baby tutorials on Pinterest. I’m obsessed! But the good thing is, that means new posts! The first thing I decided to make were these super cute burp cloths using this tutorial at Made. Love that blog! Instead of using regular fabric for the backing, I decided to use snuggle flannel instead. That way they are nice and soft on both sides.

Originally I planned to use white chenille like the photos in the tutorial but all they had at Joann’s was pink. I think the burp cloths turned out great with the pink, though, and it definitely complements all of the snuggle flannel prints I used. One of the great things about this project was that I was able to use some large flannel scraps and small cuts that I already had on hand but that were too small to make new pj pants for Hannah. So if you have some flannel lying around needing to be used up and you have a baby on the way or a friend or family member with a baby on the way, this is the scrap buster project for you!

We’ll see how well they work in action in just a few short months, but for now I just admire the girly cuteness!

It’s a Girl!

I’m so excited for my pastor and his wife who are expecting their first granddaughter this December! Their daughter already has two sons and was convinced that she was having another boy, but surprise, it’s a girl!

With some leftover fabric from Hannah’s birthday dress, I made my very first Janey Jumper to give to my pastor and his wife as a gift. I bought this Cottage Mama pattern forever ago and have been meaning to make one of these adorable dresses for so long but have never gotten around to it until now. And honestly, it was the perfect excuse to test out the sizing to see what would fit Hannah, since I’m thinking a Christmas themed Janey Jumper would be really cute.

The ruffle down the front is different than the one in the pattern since I only had one coordinating fabric to go with the main print. I figured out approximately how wide I wanted my ruffle to be, cut my fabric double that and added seam allowances, sewed the raw ends together with rights sides facing, flipped the fabric tube right side out, and then ironed my fabric with the seam in the center back of the tube. After running a quick gathering stitch up the middle and then gathering the fabric, I sewed it to the front of the dress following the pattern instructions.

The dress was pretty quick and easy. The only difficult part was figuring out how to sew the bottom hem. That took me a little while to wrap my mind around, but I figured it out and had no problems in the end. The  reason it was a little tricky is because the Janey Jumper is completely lined, there are no exposed seams. And so to be able to sew the bottom hem and turn the dress right side out without it getting twisted, takes some creative maneuvering. I’m glad that I read the pattern carefully and only sewed when I was convinced I had completely understood the step. Anything to avoid the dreaded seam ripper!!! Anyway, I highly recommend this pattern. Such a cute dress and it comes with a variety of different embellishments so that you can make endless Janey Jumpers for the same girl and she’ll have a variety of different looks.

Simple Tote Bag

The little one absolutely loves to read. Sometimes we read 15 or more books in a single day! She has quite a few books but definitely not enough to keep up with her appetite for reading, so last week I took her to the library for the first time. We checked out a bunch of books, and when I was trying to figure out a way to carry all of them around the library and then home, I realized that Hannah definitely needed a tote bag.

Since Aunt Pam was generous enough to send me a ton of cute fabric, I looked through my new stash to find a fun girly print. I absolutely loved the pink with sparkly wands the first time I laid eyes on it. What girl wouldn’t?! When I look at it I think of princesses and fairies and magic. How perfect for a library tote bag!

Another Aunt Pam goodie was the multi-colored cat print. I knew that it was destined to become something for my mom since she loves cats so much. Anytime I see something with cats, the first thing I think of is my mom. I couldn’t figure out what to make, though, until I got the idea to make a tote for Hannah. A tote bag is so functional and since my mom loves to travel, whether it’s a day trip or a week long trip, a tote bag is a great thing to have on hand. I’m thinking of whipping up something else for my mom too with the leftover cat fabric. More to come on that another time!

To make the bags, I used the tote bag tutorial from the blog Skip to my Lou. There are a ton of tutorials for totes but this was perfect. Super quick and easy, and by that I mean no interfacing. Wahoo!

I followed the tutorial completely for the cat tote bag. For Hannah’s bag I increased the size by two inches on both the length and the width, and I sewed the bottom corner two inches instead of one and a half so that the bag would have a wider base and could hold more books. I also made an interior pocket for Hannah’s bag because I wanted a place to store CDs and DVDs where they would be at least somewhat separated/protected from the books.

And what girly tote would be complete without some fun bows!

Gingercake Patterns & Design: Crayon Art Folio Part II

After some procrastination, I finally finished the remaining two Crayon Art Folios on my to-do list for the kiddos in my Bible study. The funky flower folio was the for the oldest girl and the dinosaurs were for the only boy. It was kind of fun to make something for a boy. As much as I love the girly stuff, it’s always nice to branch out.

I thought it would be fun to dress up the folios for the girls with some extra details. For the younger sister, girly bows (see previous post), for the older sister, some ric-rac to go with her funky flowers.

I love the dinos, especially with the blue polk-a-dot accent fabric.

All wrapped up to give to the unsuspecting birthday kiddos.

Gingercake Patterns & Design: Crayon Art Folio, Part I


Since I’ve been perusing the various mommy sewing blogs, I’ve come across so many great ideas, not only for clothes but also for toys, activities, and other children’s accessories. And lately I’ve had a hankering for making something other than clothes, although adorable baby dresses are definitely a lot of fun to make.

When I first saw the pattern for the Crayon Art Folio on the Gingercake Patterns & Design etsy site, I really wanted to give the project a try. I thought that it would make a perfect gift for the children of a couple that I’m friends with at my church. All three children celebrate January birthdays. (It will also be a lot of fun to make some of these for my little one once she’s old enough!)

The first Crayon Art Folio of the three I plan to make is for the younger of the two girls. She’s a girly girl and I think that this adorable cherry fabric suits her. For extra girliness, I added the red bows at the base of the handles on both sides of the folio. Such a cute detail! It’s amazing how the smallest embellishments can really complete a project.

What I really love about this project is that it’s not only adorable, but so functional. It holds at least 6 crayons on the one side and has a pocket for paper on the other side. With the velcro closure and handles for easy carry, what a perfect on-the-go activity for young kids! I’m trying to think of other ways to remix the pattern. Older kids especially would probably prefer a folio that was big enough to hold makers or colored pencils. Hmmm…the possibilities are endless : )

Elephant Softie

When I saw the tutorial for the Layla the Elephant Softie on the blog, Cutting Corners College by Riley Blake Designs, I couldn’t resist. I thought that it would make a perfect Christmas present for the little one, especially since I happened to have the gray with white polka dots fabric. I think it’s adorable! I’m also thinking this is a good gift idea for friends who have little ones…I find myself making excuses to make more of these. They are just so darn cute!

Nursing Covers

Usually nursing and pumping are not a problem for mom’s at home, especially if you have only one little one, but when you go out into public, when you have visitors in your home, or when you visit someone else’s home, a nursing cover is definitely a good idea. Since my husband and I are traveling to see his parents for the holidays, I thought it would be the perfect time to use a wonderful nursing cover tutorial that I found on the blog, made by the mama monster.

Since I’m a fan of black and white–it matches everything and could work for both a boy or a girl–I went with a white with black vine print fabric for the main part of the nursing cover. For the straps, I used a black with white swirling dots fabric. I think it turned out really well. The only thing that I’m not so crazy about is that the straps seem a little limp. I wish that I would have used interfacing to give the fabric a little more form. It didn’t say to do this in the tutorial and I didn’t think to do so until I was done. I could redo the straps…we’ll see if I can find the motivation to rip a bunch of seams and resew the entire top of the nursing cover….somehow I just don’t see it happening ; )

I made a second nursing cover for my friend, Charlene, who recently had a baby girl. I decided to use a brown with white dotted floral print fabric. Like black and white, brown matches most things and could work for a boy or a girl. I couldn’t find a coordinating fabric I liked enough to use for the straps so I just used the same fabric for both the main body and the straps. I really like how it turned out! Also, I used interfacing for the straps on this one. Much better!

*Please excuse the shadows and strange lighting in the pics. The lighting in our apartment is florescent and since my blog pics are usually taken in the middle of the night when the little one is fast asleep and I have time to sew, there is no natural light : (