9 Month Pictures

Hannah turned nine months old a little over one week ago. My birthday and her nine month birthday were actually on the same day. It was a lot fun to celebrate together. I took her to get her milestone pictures the next day and I think we got some good shots.

She wore her tiered Easter dress and I made her a matching headband. The headband was a cinch! No sewing, I just glue gunned a little grosgrain ribbon bow to a plain headband to match to the one on the bodice of her dress.

The headband I bought from Target around Christmas time. They came in packs of three—one white, one red, one green—for one dollar! The next time I see headbands for one dollar, I’m going to buy like a bazillion.

Although Hannah wasn’t really in a smiling mood, I think her serious expressions are cute too. This picture is the only smile we got. I guess that is what happens when pictures get a late start and end up during nap time.

I love this one. She looks so elegant and the dress is fanned out so beautifully. When I was sewing this dress, I started to think that maybe I had gone a little overboard with the ruffles and that it was too floofy. In the end, I think the floofiness looks great and the extra fabric allows the skirt to fan out like a circle skirt, which is ideal for pictures.

This close up was on of the last pictures that we got until…

The meltdown picture! By this time a nap was long overdue and Hannah decided that pictures were definitely done. This one is so cute, though, I was seriously tempted to order one!

St. Patrick’s Day Skirt & Shamrock Headband

I’ve never really gotten into St. Patrick’s Day—for no particular reason, I just haven’t—but since it’s the little one’s first, a green getup of some sort was definitely a must. After all, we don’t want any pinching going on in this house!

I was originally going to make a pillowcase dress using my McCall’s 6058 pattern, but after I cut everything out and started putting the dress together, I just didn’t like it. I decided to cut off the top portion of the dress and turn it into a simple skirt instead. To add a fun detail, I trimmed the skirt with some white ric rac I had on hand.

For the headband, I used an idea I saw on Pinterest for making felt shamrocks. I spruced up the shamrock a bit by whip stitching around the edges of the leaves using a contrasting embroidery floss and then adding a button in the middle. I have been reusing the same white elastic headband for multiple outfits. Instead of sewing on flowers or bows, or in this case shamrocks, I just use a tiny safety pin and attach whichever accessory I need for a particular outfit. A time saver for sure!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Sweethearts Ruffled Peasant Dress

Another holiday, another excuse to make a dress for my sweet girl. I’ve been wanting to make a peasant dress for some time. It’s one of those staple projects that everybody has to make at some point and everybody adds their own little twist.

(This girl is hilarious!)

I used the free 6-12 month peasant top pattern from makeyourownbabystuff.com. To make it into a dress, I simply added some length to the pattern. I thought that I would need to make the pattern angle out in order to turn it into a dress, but that wasn’t the case. Since the elastic gathers the top, there is more than enough fabric for a flowy dress without having to alter the shape of the pattern.

Because the fabric I used for this dress was pretty busy, I wanted to add some embellishments but I wasn’t really sure what would look good. I decided on a solid pink accent fabric to make a ruffled bottom and some fabric flowers. At first I wasn’t too sure about the ruffled bottom. It looks more like irregular pleats, but I like it more every time I look at it.

The fabric flowers were really simple to make. I’ve made a couple different kinds of fabric and felt flowers but wanted to try something new. I used an idea from pinterest (which I am now obsessed with!) from the blog the fickle pickle. The tutorial calls for felt but I decided to use my pink accent fabric instead. A little different result but the same basic concept. I love the green buttons. It was a nice way to use a color I don’t normally use and it pulls out the green hearts on the dress.

I wish that I would have made the dress a little shorter but the extra length will make it wearable for longer. Since hearts are cute year round and she’ll wear it on many more occasions, I didn’t feel the need to shorten the dress and resew the ruffle.

A cute, fun, and easy dress. Happy first Valentine’s Day to my little sweetheart.

Pleated Bib Dress

Jess at Craftiness Is Not Optional strikes again with another adorable dress tutorial. I can’t get enough of that blog! I just couldn’t resist and had to make one for my cutie pie.

I’ve had this fabric for quite some time. It was one of the first cuts of fabric I bought when I started this whole sewing mania. Even though I love it–I’m sort of addicted to all things pink since having a little girl–I just didn’t have a project in mind that seemed suited for it. I’m glad that I waited for this adorable dress to come along, because I think it was perfect for this project. By the way, I love the buttons too. I pretty much love everything about this dress. Again, what a great tutorial.

Almost every time I complete another project, I walk away with new skills. One thing I learned this go round was how to make pleats. I think they turned out pretty well. I’ve been thinking that I want to start creating some of my own designs/patterns and I think pleats will make an appearance. I do have to admit, they were sort of a pain in the you know what, though. You definitely have to be precise for them to look good, and since I was kind of winging it, I had to rip a few seams and remeasure to get them right.

A skill I revisited was inserting an invisible zipper. I think there’s definitely a reason it’s been a long time since my first attempt. An exercise in patience for sure. I’m thinking it might be the sort of thing best learned from someone who knows how to do it rather than attempting it by trying to follow a blog tutorial. On the outside I think it looks pretty good, but I have to admit, A LOT of time was invested in sewing, ripping seams, and resewing to get it to look this way. It’s a good thing that the seams are hidden on the inside!

And of course, a matching headband! I was originally going to sew a thin strip of white around the waist but after cutting, sewing, and turning the fabric strip, I changed my mind. Luckily my efforts didn’t go to waste. The strip of fabric became the headband. I was going back and forth between a bow and a flower, but as you can see, I went with three flowers. Such a great way to use up fabric scraps!

A challenging project but definitely well worth the time and effort for my sweet little girl.

Emma Dress, 6 Month Pictures, & the Runaway Headband

This past week I participated in the Emma Dress sew-along, my very first, on the Craftiness Is Not Optional blog. It was so much fun and this is the result. Although I usually gravitate toward pastel colors, I decided to go out on a limb with this bold floral pattern on a charcoal gray background. I think the little one looks super cute in it, even though it is definitely out of my color scheme comfort zone.

This project was a fun challenge. I learned so many new skills and really surprised myself with all of the things I was able to do. First off, I didn’t use a store bought pattern or a free pattern from a blog. I didn’t even modify an existing pattern. I made my very own pattern…and it worked!!! It is such a great feeling and now I feel confident enough to maybe try to make some original creations. Maybe….

Another new thing, sewing with ric-rac. Luckily it was not the nightmare I imagined it to be. I am proud to say that I never had to rip a single seam related to the ric-rac! I thought it was going to be really challenging and thought that I might have to scrap the ric-rac altogether if it got too complicated, but to my surprise, it was a total success. Yet another skill to add to my sewing arsenal : ) And one more adorable pic of my cutie pie in her new dress. (She’s looking rather mischievous in this one.) I can’t believe that she turned six months old on Sunday. How the time flies.

The real debacle in this whole sew-along and six month pictures business was not the pattern making or the ric-rac as one would imagine. It was the runway headband.

So, I made a headband for the little one. I put it in the front pocket of the diaper bag when I was hurrying out the door to get her pics taken. When I got to the studio, the headband was nowhere to be found. I went back to the car to look for it. Nowhere. I was so annoyed because a headband is a must, both for the cuteness factor and also because she doesn’t have much hair on top. I called my husband and he found it in the hallway outside our apartment.

Thankfully I mentioned the runaway headband to the lady at the studio. She told me not to worry and pulled out a whole box of different styles and colors of headbands! Photographer to the rescue! There was a bright pink bow that matched the dress. Crisis averted.

 Even though the flower headband didn’t make it into the 6 month pictures, I suppose it deserves an honorable mention.

Happy six month birthday to my sweet little girl.

Big Button Flannel Jumpers

One of the patterns that I bought when my whole sewing craze began was the McCall’s M6193. I’ve been dying to try it. It’s so simple but completely adorable! The pattern seems to be intended for fleece, but with a huge snuggle flannel sale at Joann’s on Black Friday, I went with my small stash of less than $2 a yard flannel to create some winter themed jumpers for the little one. Is she not completely adorable in this Christmas jumper and matching headband?! I love how the headband is basically across her forehead in the top pic : )

The headband was sort of a last minute thing. It’s amazing how far one yard of fabric can go with a 5 month old, so I was trying to find ways to use up as much of the fabric as possible since it’s Christmas themed. Obviously a matching headband was necessary : ) The whole red and green thing is a little over the top, I know, but why not for baby’s first Christmas?

The amazing thing about the headband is that I found it in the Target $1 isle in packs of three. What a steal! I bought a few packs of them but was a little bummed that they were too big for her. Oh well, I went for the oversized headband look anyway. I think she pulls it off well.

I also made two other jumpers, which are very cute. So far no matching headbands for these. We’ll see if I have time before Christmas travels to pull something off.

The one gripe I had about making these jumpers is that creating button holes and sewing buttons on is a pain in the you know what! Hopefully it will get easier and quicker with practice.

Baby Headband

With the leftover fabric from the nursing cover I made for my friend, Charlene, I made a flowered headband for her cutie pie daughter who is only 6 weeks old. My little one has so kindly modeled it in the picture above. Please excuse the puddle of drool. I’m pretty sure we’re in teething mode now. It looks like she might be working on both bottom teeth. We shall see how things go.

Baby’s First Christmas Dress

With Christmas fast approaching, I’ve been thinking a lot about all of the cute little outfits and accessories I should make for my little one for her very  first Christmas. At the top of the list was, of course, a Christmas dress. My husband and I agreed that a white dress with red accents would be really cute.

With the color scheme picked out, I went in search of a dress pattern. I really liked the Party Dress–a guest blog from The Cottage Home on the blog Ucreate–when I first came across it a couple of months ago. When looking through all of the possibilities on the different mommy blogs I follow, I felt like this was perfect for a first Christmas dress. I didn’t actually use the pattern from the blog, though, as the patterns are too big for my little one. Instead I modified my McCall’s M6015 pattern so that the bodice wouldn’t be too wide for my petite little girl.

I used a white on white patterned calico fabric from Joann’s  for the dress and a red charmeuse fabric for the sash and covered buttons. It was amazing how easy covered buttons were to make! I think that they definitely add a little something extra to the dress. Sometimes it’s the little details that really make something nice.

Please excuse the wrinkles : )

After I finished the dress, I realized that I had a bunch of the red charmeuse fabric left and decided to make a headband and matching shoes. The headband and bow were from the McCall’s M6015 pattern. The shoes were made from the Mila Shoes pattern on the blog fleeting thing.

I think this Christmas outfit is by far the best thing I’ve sewed for the little one so far! Her Christmas pictures are also completely adorable!