Sweethearts Ruffled Peasant Dress

Another holiday, another excuse to make a dress for my sweet girl. I’ve been wanting to make a peasant dress for some time. It’s one of those staple projects that everybody has to make at some point and everybody adds their own little twist.

(This girl is hilarious!)

I used the free 6-12 month peasant top pattern from makeyourownbabystuff.com. To make it into a dress, I simply added some length to the pattern. I thought that I would need to make the pattern angle out in order to turn it into a dress, but that wasn’t the case. Since the elastic gathers the top, there is more than enough fabric for a flowy dress without having to alter the shape of the pattern.

Because the fabric I used for this dress was pretty busy, I wanted to add some embellishments but I wasn’t really sure what would look good. I decided on a solid pink accent fabric to make a ruffled bottom and some fabric flowers. At first I wasn’t too sure about the ruffled bottom. It looks more like irregular pleats, but I like it more every time I look at it.

The fabric flowers were really simple to make. I’ve made a couple different kinds of fabric and felt flowers but wanted to try something new. I used an idea from pinterest (which I am now obsessed with!) from the blog the fickle pickle. The tutorial calls for felt but I decided to use my pink accent fabric instead. A little different result but the same basic concept. I love the green buttons. It was a nice way to use a color I don’t normally use and it pulls out the green hearts on the dress.

I wish that I would have made the dress a little shorter but the extra length will make it wearable for longer. Since hearts are cute year round and she’ll wear it on many more occasions, I didn’t feel the need to shorten the dress and resew the ruffle.

A cute, fun, and easy dress. Happy first Valentine’s Day to my little sweetheart.