Sweethearts Ruffled Peasant Dress

Another holiday, another excuse to make a dress for my sweet girl. I’ve been wanting to make a peasant dress for some time. It’s one of those staple projects that everybody has to make at some point and everybody adds their own little twist.

(This girl is hilarious!)

I used the free 6-12 month peasant top pattern from makeyourownbabystuff.com. To make it into a dress, I simply added some length to the pattern. I thought that I would need to make the pattern angle out in order to turn it into a dress, but that wasn’t the case. Since the elastic gathers the top, there is more than enough fabric for a flowy dress without having to alter the shape of the pattern.

Because the fabric I used for this dress was pretty busy, I wanted to add some embellishments but I wasn’t really sure what would look good. I decided on a solid pink accent fabric to make a ruffled bottom and some fabric flowers. At first I wasn’t too sure about the ruffled bottom. It looks more like irregular pleats, but I like it more every time I look at it.

The fabric flowers were really simple to make. I’ve made a couple different kinds of fabric and felt flowers but wanted to try something new. I used an idea from pinterest (which I am now obsessed with!) from the blog the fickle pickle. The tutorial calls for felt but I decided to use my pink accent fabric instead. A little different result but the same basic concept. I love the green buttons. It was a nice way to use a color I don’t normally use and it pulls out the green hearts on the dress.

I wish that I would have made the dress a little shorter but the extra length will make it wearable for longer. Since hearts are cute year round and she’ll wear it on many more occasions, I didn’t feel the need to shorten the dress and resew the ruffle.

A cute, fun, and easy dress. Happy first Valentine’s Day to my little sweetheart.

Conversation Hearts Felt Garland Tutorial

This is my very first tutorial! I suppose it’s best to start off with something simple and it doesn’t get much easier than a felt garland.

Conversation hearts are such a fun part of Valentine’s Day, so I thought, why not turn them into a felt garland. What a fun and easy way to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit.

Supplies You’ll Need

felt blocks–I used white, light pink, purple, lime green, and bright yellow

heart stencil–I printed out a clip art heart from Microsoft Word

red fabric paint with an easy squeeze top

sewing machine, unless you want to hand stitch the hearts together

First decide how long you want your garland to be. Make sure to include some extra length so that it’s long enough to drape it. (When I made the circle felt garland for Christmas, I almost forgot to do this. A stick straight garland would have looked ridiculous!)

Once you know how long your garland should be (with extra length for draping!), create your stencil. I find that shapes that are about one inch x one inch work best for most felt garlands. This also makes it easy to figure out how many hearts you will need to make your felt garland the right length. To create my stencil, I used a clip art image from Microsoft Word and sized it to approximately one inch x one inch.

Trace your heart stencil onto your felt blocks. If your heart stencil is one inch x one inch, divide the length in inches of your felt garland by 5 (the number of colors) to find the number of hearts to trace onto each felt block.

Then cut out your shapes, keeping them separated by color.

(I used these blue hearts for my example since I forgot to take pics when I made my garland…oops)

Now it’s time to sew! Since I didn’t want to make a color pattern, I grabbed randomly from each of the color piles to until I had a new pile of hearts in random order. The only thing I avoided was putting two of the same color next to each other. To sew, you simply place one heart after another under the presser foot, sewing the length of each heart until you have no more hearts. Remember to backstitch on the first and last heart. And voila, you have a felt heart garland.

To turn your heart garland into a conversation hearts garland, you’ll need to whip out your handy dandy red fabric paint. I always call it puffy paint, although I’m not sure it technically is puffy paint. Anyway…

Lay out your garland on a long, flat surface so that your hearts are all facing in the right direction. Now it’s time to add the fun sayings. I looked up conversation hearts on google image search for ideas. Use your fabric paint to carefully write out your witty sayings. Make sure not to put the tip of your paint directly onto the felt. I found that when I did that, sometimes it would sort of catch on the felt fibers and was kind of a pain, so make sure you apply the paint just above the surface without touching the felt fibers.

Let it dry for a little while. It actually doesn’t take too long. Then, admire your adorable conversation hearts felt garland!